The Second Meeting of Latvian Stakeholders within the OptiWaMag Project Took Place

In the frame of the Interreg Europe project “OptiWaMag: Optimization of Waste Management in Urban Spaces and in Households”, the second meeting of local stakeholders took place on 6 July 2020. It was held at the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development.

At this meeting, the project manager Dr. oec. Sanda Geipele presented the results of the questionnaire developed in this project, which was distributed only to Latvian waste management experts. The results of the questionnaire allowed drawing conclusions about the implemented waste management system in the country as a whole and in individual municipalities, as well as identifying priority aspects and opportunities for improving the waste management policy approach.

The project “OptiWaMag” aims at demonstrating how the development of the current waste infrastructure and the recently used waste management practices can deliver sustainable, smart and inclusive growth through the exchange of good practice. “OptiWaMag” is an interregional cooperation project for improving waste management policies. The project focuses on innovation of waste management in urban spaces and households. The project supports waste infrastructure, develops awareness of waste collection and improves the well-being of citizens.

In order to achieve the project goal, interregional cooperation will be promoted by the involvement of experts within their competencies to ensure the interregional exchange of experience, identification of good practices and knowledge transfer to provide the development of recommendations for improving the policy instrument.

Project implementation on the Latvian side is ensured by the Institute of Civil Engineering and Real Estate Economics at Riga Technical University.

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