Training course for increasing the qualification of housing managers

In order to increase the qualifications of housing managers, a training course was organized within the framework of the project in February and March, 2022, which included lectures on the technical, political, legal, economic and organizational as well as climatic aspects of energy efficiency measures in buildings. Specialists from the representative office of European Commission, Ministry of Economics, Riga Technical University and Association of Management and Administration of Latvian Housing with knowledge and experience in real estate management, climate change management and energy efficiency implementation measures talked about the mentioned topics.

The training was held online between February 24 and March 31. A total of 24 academic hours of lectures were delivered. Each lecture was attended by an average amount of 65 listeners, from whom the majority were members of the Association of Management and Administration of Latvian Housing.

At the end of the training course, a survey of participants was conducted, and 80% of the respondents rated the training course as “very well” or “excellent” and expressed their desire to participate in this type of courses in the future.

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