8th International and Interdisciplinary Symposium of the European Academy of Land Use and Development (EALD)

Changes in Land Use Management Practices

Raumordnungspraxis im Wandel at

Institute of Civil Engineering and Real Estate Economics

Riga Technical University

from 6th to 8th September 2018

The symposium aims to focus on land management tools, considering changing needs in order to promote sustainable development. Key topics that can form the basis for cross‐country discussions and comparisons are e.g:

  • strategies for land use planning in urban and rural contexts
  • land use management in peri-urban areas
  • institutional arrangements for urban-rural linkage
  • techniques of evaluating strategies and proposals

Excursion at 8th of September

The excursion is planned for Saturday, 8th of September and will look into the railway infrastructure project Rail Baltica, which will be presented by developers of detailed project study , and will continue to the coast area of the Bay of Riga.