Ecosystem Services have a central role in Decision-making and Policy definition

Interreg Europe project PROGRESS organizes its 2nd event on January 11th, 2021 to show and share good practices on ecosystem services from 6 EU territories.

PROGRESS International Training Workshop 2: supporting the horizontal integration of the ecosystem concerns into the sectoral policies and plans will take place online on Monday 11th January, 2021 11 am – 14.10 pm. Registration and agenda are available here.

Participation to this 2nd workshop is free and targeted to policy and decision makers who can improve their practise with PROGRESS methodologies. The overarching theme of the workshop will be integrating ecosystem management challenges in Planning at all scales (national, regional local). Over the last 6 months project partners have analysed and discussed with their stakeholder networks that are following-up PROGRESS and identified Good Practices following the Interreg Europe GP models. “We encourage the professionals involved in the definition of policies and plans. This event is for them”, says Dr. Enrique Doblas, coordinator of the workshop from CREAF.

The case studies will be presented in 3 parts: Engaging –> Informing –> Acting to show experts, decision-makers and civil society groups how to, step by step, bring ecosystem services at the central process of policy and decision making. Once the event is completed PROGRESS will produce a thematic handbook, Interreg Europe good practices and a policy brief, all will be available on the project website.

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