RTU Scientific Research Laboratory of the Civil Engineering Management and Real Estate

The primary objective

To conduct scientific research in the following sectors:

  • Engineering Economics,
  • Management Science,
  • Economics.

To conduct scientific research in the following areas:

  • Civil Engineering,
  • Property Valuation,
  • Business,
  • Administration,
  • Management.

Research and Cooperation Development Areas

Technologies for energy and environmental resource extraction and sustainable use (EVIIT) at the national research centre (including the development of Transport and Mechanical Engineering Sub-centre) within the EVIIT NRC framework:

Use of energy for fuel, electricity and heat generation; energy transmission in cooperation with the Biofuel Production and Research Laboratory.

Efficient and sustainable use of energy and natural resources; necessary technologies (incl. environmental protection measures) in cooperation with Energy-Efficient and Sustainable Technology Scientific Research Laboratory.


  • Research of macroenvironment (national, regional, urban, district areas) and microenvironment (buildings, premises) from the perspective of energy, environment and sustainable development.
  • Impact of the state policy on more rational and sustainable use of environmental resources in the Latvian economy.
  • Strategic management and development areas related to land and territory economic development planning, construction and property management, problems and possible solutions due to sustainable exploitation of natural resources and climate change.
  • Study on energy efficiency of buildings and structures, and energy saving potential in house administration and management.
  • Compliance of the construction sector in Latvia with sustainable construction criteria and international requirements, etc.